About us 


I am a woman who lives in Loten, with my family!

I have a son, Benjamin, who is borned in 2003 and a girl, Savannah, who is borned in 2006.

My big passion is offcourse my family and my dogs, I love having my dogs around me as I grew up in a big house with a lot of dogs.

My mum is also a breeder of cavaliers and that is where my passion comes from.

We got our first cavalier when I was just eight years old, and my passion for dogs were a little on and off as I grew older, but now that I am a grown woman

I have started a breeding of my own.

My focus as I am breeding, is health, temperament and beauty.

This three things is as I see it what makes cavaliers so special. 

I love taking my dogs to show, and I hope to breed a lot of champions!