In memory of a very important girl....  


Engeråsen`s Shingalana Magic Touch

(01.05.97 - 20.07.09)    

U.A: 24.04.09

Kavalieren`s Quant-Rocky  TRI Rossbonny Triple Trouble  TRI Cinola Paper Moon of Jansara  TRI
Oakash Scilla at Rossbonny  TRI
Kavalieren`s Beatrix Darling  BL Maurits V H Lamslag  BL
Tatanja`s U`Tamara  TRI
Engeråsen`s Henrietta  TRI

NUCH Rybergets Hurricane  TRI

NUCH Rossbonny Chin-Up  BL
Tatanja`s Isabella  TRI
Engeråsen`s Robina Robindatter  BL Engeråsen`s Captein Robinson  BL
Haagreheim`s Bella-Mie  BL

   It all began on a day in 1997, I was to buy my very own Cavalier for the very first time.

"My" stud dog when living with my parents had been bred to a lovely healthy bitch at kennel Engeråsen.

I soon decided to get a lovely little blenheim bitch from this litter, she was a nice girl and we had a lot of fun as she grew up with me in my parents home.

As a show dog she got some really nice prices as a puppy, she was BOB- BIG - 3 BIS on her very first puppy show.
As an adult she even got a CC and a BOS but that was all.
In size she was on the bigger side, but that didnt matter to me, I thought she was a nice girl with lots of other qualitys.
Her pedigree was excelent when thinking of health and I wanted to breed her.
She was bred with 4 differnt nice males and she became a mother to a really nice champion boy.

After her 4th litter she was retired and was living with a nice family with lots of space for her to run and be happy.
You can all imagine my surprice when I called the family when my Alana was 8,5 years to learn that she had been plassed in a kennel for a week because they were going on vacation and that another cavalier had been sharing space with her in that time and my old Alana had her season.
Alana was pregnant again and their vet had told them that it was better for her to give birth to the litter rather than take it away.
I was really angry with the vet when I was told that he had not checked her heart or her general health, I was afrad that this was going to be to much for such an old bitch.
I took her to my vet and got her checked and the vet could tell me that this was a really healthy old bitch and that she hoped there would be no problems for either her or the puppies.

After a while she went in to labor and I was so excited to see how she would manage, it went good for a while but suddenly it all stopped and together with my vet we decided to do a ceasection.
She gave birth to 3 lovely blenheims that day, both her and the puppies were fine and because she had litters earlier she knew excactly what to do and was a great mom to them.
I was so proud of her, not all bitches would have handled to get a litter in such high age, but she did great!!!

After this happening she was retired and was never again put on a kennel, her life was going as usuall and she was in great shape, in the age of 10 years I was thinking of taking her to a show because I thought she was a really nice veteran, but since she was on the bigger side I never took her to one.
After her 11th birthday you could see she was getting older and I knew that every day was a gift!!!

She turned 12 years and was still free from a heart murmur but the vets had found cancer.
In July it was decided to let her go...
She was still in good shape and she could have lived longer, but as she is such a strong bitch I think it would have been impossible to see when she was starting to not feel good anymore.
It was her family that took the decission to let her go as she was still a happy and healthy dog, and I agree from the bottom of my heart that it was the right time to set her free...

She died happy on the 20th of July 2009,
she had then lived for 12 happy years and done so much good and she has given me some nice cavaliers
for me to let her blood live on forever...


We miss you!!!
My dear, Alana.