Vouges Helena


D.O.B: 26.07.07


Such Craigowl  Schlick  BL Top Stud in 2007 in UK                  Maibee Montrose  BL Craigowl Dixon
Maibee The Stand In
Craigowl Strudel Rytonion Spencer
Maibee Vienna Of Craigowl
Vouges Kylie  TRI

SUCH NUCH NV-01 Hackensack Designes By Magic  TRI

S N DK UCH INT UCH SV-01 KBHV-01 Pascavale Designed  BL
Hackensack Curiosity   TRI
SWED & NORW CH. NORDW-02 NW-02 Herrgårdscavaljerens Manga  BL NUCH Craigowl Crackerjack  BL
Age`s Lady Godiva   BL