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After washing after the puppies it is necessary to take time to cuddle...

Lana (b/t), Lena(Bl) and Itzy(pup)

Izma and Itzy cuddling in front of the fireplace...

Izma falls asleep in the most amazing ways...


January 2012

Benjamin cuddling with Charming Pal`s U litter

Charming Pal`s Sarina Suriano

Charming Pal`s Poeme Prada in the forest

Savannah and "Charming Pal`s Poeme Prada" on a walk in the forest




"Charming Pal`s Qualinka Quelques (in front) and "Charming Pal`s Poeme Prada"





"Savannah" and "Charming Pal`s Hilton Hilfiger"







"Charming Pal`s Isobell Iisli" and "Charming Pal`s Illiana Iisli"





"Charming Pal`s Coco Chanel" and "Charming Pal`s Kelly Klein"





"Charming Pal`s All Roi`l"