In memory of my best friend ....  

(11.03.99 - 19.07.07)    

U.A: 04.05.07

     N UCH Engeråsen`s Shingalana Sweet Breeze "Shinga"

It all began on a day in 1999, my mom knew I was looking for a new cavalier.
I was really sure I wanted a tricolor and she told me that I just had to look at this beautifull litter at kennel Engeråsen.
There was a beautifull tricolor bitch in that litter that I just "had to see".
I said ok and drove all the way to Engeråsen kennel to look at this bitch, but as soon as I saw you I knew you were the right one for me, you captured my eyes at the very first moment I saw you...
You were so beautifull in my eyes, and I almost didnt want to leave you.
As soon as you had turned 8 weeks I drove back to bring you home to me, my new best friend...
You were so beautifull, so nice, so happy and all I could ever want from a dog.
I soon understood you had show potensiale and you got to be a CHAMPION!!!
Finally I had my very own champion.
That was such a happy day for the two of us, the judge laught at me because I cried like a little baby when she gave me the champion price.
Now I felt like you had done your job in the ring and I think you felt like it too, because you soon started to hate the showring, but you became a mum for some really lovely puppies.
You were the best mum ever and you took care of your puppies in a special way, whenever you saw a puppy you were there to kiss them and play with them.
You only got 8 puppies, but 2 of them is now champions and they are making sure that your genes live on for many years to come.
As you got older I started showing you as a veteran, and you got great results....
A lot of BOB veteran and BOS veteran and I was so proud of my old bitch, that still after 7 years could move and show in the ring.
You were so pretty even at your old days, not a single grey hair on your body and you still looked like a queen to me,
and I thought I was going to have you forever......

Unfortunatly you got some problems with your metabolism and you had to get pills, but the vet told me that this was no problems and I was happy for a while.
But then you got a bad diarea and I went to the vet again and they gave me a lot of different things to help you but nothing seemed to be helping you.
When I a while later took you back to the vet they told me that your intestens had been injuried because of all your diarea and they told me to take care of you as long as your life was good and that there was nothing more to do for you.... I was devastaded!!!
I took you home and had to look at you slowely turning into a dog with no more sparks in her eyes, and no more will to live, everyday I took care of you and made sure you werent uncomfortable.

One day when you were really looking poor I decided that tomorrow is the big day..... If the vets cant help you tomorrow I will put you to sleep.
It was a horrible decision and I cried for hours that day as I held you in my arms and cuttled with you.
That evening as you were laying on the sofa in my arms, you suddenly started to seizure.
I called my mum and she came to look at you, and she called the vet for me.
Half an hour later I got the final word from the vet... You were dying in front of me from a liver failure and I decided to give you the last shot.

I held you in my arms when you took your last breath.
You were gone....

I dont know how much you registrated  as you were lying there but I beg that you felt my arms around you, that you knew you werent alone, that you knew I was there with you and I hope you knew how much I loved you, my dear Shinga....

I will always remember you and appreciate the years we had together.

Love you forever!!!

My dearest, Shinga.